Our Longvue Airedale Terriers have descended from generations of Airedales bred to look and act the way described in the Airedale Terrier breed standard.  Creation of of our dogs comes from the successful selective breeding of many dedicated Airedale Terrier breeders before us.   Longvue Airedale Terrier pedigrees reveal the international influence of  dogs from the following outstanding kennels in the United States, England, Canada and Australia including:
Evermay, Moraine, Penaire, Regalridge, Saredon, Serendipity, Tartan, Tartan Scottshire, Terrydale, Timberwyck, Old Iron, Yeloman, Bonaire and TailsUp.
    Thanks to all of the breeders whose fine dogs have contributed many outstanding traits to our dogs.  Thanks also to all of the breeders who use our dogs at stud to enrich  their breeding programs. 
​    Our breeding program, now in 4th and 5th generations from our beginnings with Patsy, continually demonstrates achievement of our goal:
To preserve the Airedale Terrier breed by producing predictable purebred pups who demonstrate type, temperament and health,  generation after generation.
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 At Longvue Airedale Terriers, our breeding program stands on the shoulders of outstanding international kennels. We aim to continue this tradition for other breeders by producing dogs who preserve type and temperament, generation after generation