Adding an older Airedale to your life
       Almost everyone seems to want a puppy.  After all, who could resist those innocent eyes and that wagging tail?  But, some potential owners also remember those sharp puppy teeth and the series of vet visits that go along with a 8 week old puppy!    
      At Longvue, we sometimes have older Airedales from "teenagers" to seasoned adults available for placement.  The teenaged Airedales (5 months  to 2 years) typically were kept as show prospects.  The older adults are  4 to 6 year old Champion females who have 2-3 litters to their credit.  We are looking for calm, loving, forever homes for these dogs.  We insist that you have the time to dote on these Airedales.  
     An older Airedale from Longvue will come to you socialized with people, crate trained, lead broken, microchipped and up to date on immunizations.  You will need to provide training in all aspects of living in a house and you will need to provide understanding and lots of patience and love. 
  We do not have any adults available for placement at this time.  Continue to check this website for updates.
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We do not have any adults available for placement at this time - continue to check our website for updates